Jams, preserves - and local produce


and honeys

La Fermette in Annecy invites you to savour the authenticity of jams and honeys from Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Our traditional jams, made from local fruit picked when ripe, offer rich, natural flavours. From classics like strawberry and blueberry to more daring recipes like rhubarb and génépi, each jar is an invitation to a gustatory journey. Our honeys, harvested by passionate beekeepers, reflect the floral diversity of our mountains, from wildflower honey to pine honey. Rich in flavour and goodness, they are the perfect accompaniment to your breakfasts, desserts or herbal teas.

and sweets

La Fermette in Annecy offers a delicious selection of chocolates and confectionery from Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Our handmade chocolates, made with high-quality cocoa, come in a variety of flavours, from creamy pralines to delicate ganaches. Discover our traditional confectionery too. All are made using traditional recipes and local ingredients. Each bite is a gourmet journey celebrating the expertise of our artisan chocolatiers and confectioners.

Savoury groceries
and canned goods

Discover the savoury groceries and preserves from Savoie and Haute-Savoie offered by La Fermette in Annecy. Our selection includes high-quality local products, such as Savoy terrines and pâtés, rillettes… These specialities, prepared according to traditional recipes, capture all the rich flavours of our region. Perfect for authentic, gourmet meals, they let you savour the best of Savoie at any time.

OUR PRODUCTS Sweet and savoury groceries

La Fermette offers a range of sweet and savoury products from the Savoie region: biscuits, honey, jams, chocolates, sweets, fruit juices, soft drinks, syrups, herbal teas, etc.

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