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La Grolle is a true symbol of Alpine conviviality and tradition. Made from solid wood, this multi-spouted collective bowl is ideal for sharing warm moments with friends and family. Filled with the famous café de l’amitié, often spiced up with alcohol and spices, it embodies the authentic, festive spirit of Savoie. Perfect for winter evenings or gatherings after a day in the mountains, the Grolle Savoyarde is more than just an object: it’s an invitation to meet and share.

Available at La Fermette, your Savoyard speciality store in Annecy.

and tableware

La Fermette in Annecy offers a unique selection of traditional Haute-Savoie dishes and tableware. Discover our tartiflette dish, ideal for preparing this emblematic Savoyard delicacy with authenticity and flavor. Made of ceramic or terracotta, it guarantees even cooking for potatoes, Reblochon cheese, bacon and onions. Our plates, bowls and serving dishes, decorated with Alpine motifs, bring a touch of charm and tradition to your table. Perfect for convivial meals, they are both practical and aesthetic, celebrating the Savoyard art of living.


Made from natural, sustainable materials, our baskets and decorative objects add a rustic, elegant touch to your home. Each creation reflects the richness of Savoy’s heritage and the expertise of local craftsmen. Whether for everyday use or to embellish your home, La Fermette’s handcrafted basketry is the ideal choice for those who appreciate quality and authenticity.

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