La Fermette - Since 1994

Quality and terroir


At La Fermette, we make a point of working closely with passionate local producers near Annecy. Our partners are Savoyard craftsmen and farmers who share our love of tradition and local produce. Every product you find in our boutique is the fruit of authentic know-how and a deep commitment to environmentally-friendly farming practices. By supporting these producers, we contribute not only to the local economy, but also to preserving the landscapes and cultures of our beautiful Savoy region.


We are proud to offer you a selection of Savoyard products of exceptional quality. Our cheeses, charcuterie, wines and other regional specialities are carefully selected for their unique taste and artisanal production. The quality of our products reflects the excellence of our partner producers, who use traditional methods and the freshest ingredients. At La Fermette d’Annecy, every purchase is a guarantee of authentic flavors and healthy products that respect the environment and animal welfare. We are committed to bringing you the very best of Savoie, so that every tasting experience is a true moment of pleasure and discovery.

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